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'Teef' by Marlo Dianne

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"Inticingly entitled, "Prick" builds more suspense and atmosphere in 200 words than some authors manage in 200 pages. The reader truely does justice to the material, using her intensely erotic voice to give the piece the ... umm... climax it so richly deserves..."
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Friday, March 14, 2008

Gaming: Devil May Cry

Skip to the end for bigger giggles than I can give you....

Yes, since I cannot ever make you laugh as hard as him, I'm just going to give you some lame scattered personal observations, so this just isn't a link toss. Deal with it.

Begin skipping now.

I didn't play Dante when he came out. Capcom was like Nintendo, a word that, loosely translated, meant 'don't bother'.

(Much like, in later years, quanticdream meant 'brilliant ideas, terrible code'.)

But fanboys still mention the word Dante with such reverence. When I could grab DMC 1 and 2 used at EB Games, for fairly cheap, I went for it. I'm trying to build up my back cat, grabbing anything worthy, while it's still there for the ps2. Think of it like a close out sale where you're grabbing shirts you might stand to wear, just so you won't be shivering with naked later. As soon.


The first one was funny. In the wrong way. First came the bad 80s riffing guitar rock. Then the super cheese dialogue. This was dialogue that meant to be emotional, I think, but I swear, you can't hear the squeal of "....fill your soul with liiiiiiiiiighhhhhhhhhtttttttttt!" and not fall off your couch rolling and laughing until you choke on a dustball. Of course, everything that was the ick of capcom was there--bland design, endless unclear directives, frustrating wild sin curve difficulty, constant backtracking and recycling, etc. I was utterly baffled by the fanboys glee. It still helped me fill up a week, but it was capcom; it was mediocre, at kind best.

(Yes, I didn't rip on graphics, because, while looking pretty is sweet, you don't need to. Be a good game. If you can look pretty while doing, rock on. But good game first. Always.)

I couldn't help thinking this came out the same year as Prince of Persia, and that only made it seem worse. Not that I think any game since has been as good as PoP. Keep trying Ubisoft Montreal!

(Yes, PoP was good. And so very very pretty. FTW!)

Anyway, since I had DMC 2 already, I figured I could fill up another week. The second is better, in that your char can jump higher, the difficulty is smoother, and objectives aren't quite as obscure as Dennis Miller references. You have a more obvious linear path. Sometimes. Still, there are many times you have to curse and pause and leave to paw through a walkthrough, because the game gives you no flippin clue that you're doing the right thing. Or going the right way.

DMC2 also has a less ridiculous level of mouldy cheese, perhaps because, while still over the top, the vo wasn't quite as screeching bad soap. The bad guys didn't really have pontificating either, mostly, which helps. If you can only make them sound silly, make them silent. The guitar was present, but didn't riff as often.

I had fun with the jumping this time, except during pointless frustrating platforming. You know, jump from thing to thing, stepping stones, miss once and fall and do it all over. I hate that in every game ever. It never works. I think it's used to pad a game, as you spend six hours trying to cross a single room. You can't die when you fall as Dante, which is nice, but doesn't make it less annoying to constant repeat. DMC loves invisible stepping stones too. For the love of Peter Pumpkin! I have abandoned games because of jumping, and I'm a compulsive finisher. At least in PoP you had rewind to take the edge off.

I had a bug of a time trying to figure out how to make the second disc work. I switched in and out of disc 1 and 2 and read the manual and checked the web. I think it took me an hour to wonder and then accept that I had to start a new game to do it. Playing as your second char did give me some giggles, in that it was how capcom 'hid' its backtracking. Most of the levels as char two are the levels from char one (Dante), but done in reverse. Oooohhhh! Innovative!

I would never feel the need to play DMC again, which is good because I hear even fanboys say that 3 is bugs out the ying yang and not worth it. I admit, with no shame, that while playing I had dreams of jumping, and lots of green and red orbs. Not blue, but they're rare.

End skipping here

I bring up these few rambles because I hear things haven't changed with 4. Not at all. Anyone who has hopped around with the poof that is Dante should enjoy this: Zero Punctuation's Devil May Cry 4 Review.

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